Colour affects the perception of the product, the taste, constancy and texture, coloured additives might be used to enhance or stabilise a product, in liquids colour may have an effect relative to the flavours not to mention the look, constancy and quality, batch production matching and minimising reject product all have cost implications.

Senware was founded in 2005, based upon specialised knowledge in the application of online optical measuring instrumentation applied to manufacturing process and plant. This practical knowledge was applied to the development of the CR range of industrial non-contact colour measurement systems.

Our range of Colorimeters are uniquely placed offering the measurement performance for some Spectrophotometers with the rugged practicality of in process non-contact optical instrumentation.

Based on Key features for our gauges are, rugged, reliable, simplistic but flexible, offering state of the art solid state white light Technology, the CR has the ability to record colour data in various colour scales, subject to application and industry.


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